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Have Wheels Will Travel

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Harry and frameThe lady in front of us turned round with a very cross look on her face. Who could blame her? She had just been rammed in the ankles with a set of wheels. However instead of finding the expected pushchair she looked down at the beaming face of a 2 year old in a Kaye Walker. Harry was on his first outing on his own two legs, and was having great fun. She appeared a little lost for words, so simply smiled and carried on walking.

It had taken a long time to persuade Harry to actually use the ‘frame’, as it came to be known. He had refused to even stand in it at first, it was placed amongst familiar toys, children of friends ‘played’ with it, still no interest, until one day I had taken something into the kitchen, when I suddenly heard his mammy word, I turned to go back and nearly knocked him over, there he was him in his frame, smiling up at me, from then on there was no turning back!

Apart from the plaster being knocked off the corners of walls and wood chipped off door frames, the dog being ran over several times as she tried to get a little snooze in, a lot of bruised ankles and toes, he could manage it fine.

There was the unfortunate episode in the store with the large glass display, but the assistant was most understanding.

So he was ‘free’ and did he take advantage of his new found freedom, did he ever. In the garden, shopping, on the wet sand of the beach, in the park, he tried everywhere. When he started nursery, so did the frame, sports day no problem, just give a little space. The smile on his face continued to shine; He soon became more of an experienced driver and accidents fewer. The frames grew with him; it came on holidays abroad with us, and earned several stickers.