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Children will ask Questions

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Harry came to us a while ago with an idea.  He was being asked questions at school (mainstream) about himself.  He has attended this schol since age 3 and has grown up with many of his classmates, but as both he and they have developed so has their curiosity.

However, he sometimes found it hard and or upsetting to explain how things are for him and how he came to have the challanges in life he has.

His idea was simple. Cards. Cards he could give out to people to explain in simple terms about his Cerebral Palsy and his Epilepsy.

So the task began. What questions was he asked? How should we anser them? and from weeks of hard work from Harry a little imput from me and a Daddy who is a graphic designer Harry’s cards were created.

They are business card side and at present are a set of 8, they have a photograph and a question on one side and an answer on the other, each set is kept in a little plastic business card holder.

harrys card 1Harrys card 2