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Topic: High Pain Tolerance?

I was wondering if folks with CP have a higher pain tolerance than those without. I ask this because I have spastic hemiplegia on the left side of my body, and I recently injured my left pinky finger. The pain isn’t bad at all, and when it happened people were freaking out and asking if it was broken while I was bending it around like it was nothing and brushing it off. Fast forward to today and I find out that it’s a pretty serious injury that I may need surgery for. If this had happened on my right hand I’d probably be in a lot of pain and known that it was broken immediately. So yeah, do people with CP generally have a high pain tolerance?


I hope your finger healed well!

From my own experience, I do not think my pain tolerance is higher than anyone without CP. But I would also say that everyone is different!

Do you think that you would be in a lot more pain if you had injured yourself on the other side of your body?

It’s certainly an interesting premise anyway!


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