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Topic: Question about my cp

Hi let me start by saying my name is Holly I’m 27 I was born at 32 weeks because of my placenta detaching causing a lack of oxygen in turn causing my cp. My mom was told when I was like 4 that I have spastic diplegia. All my life I’ve noticed these small couple second long jerking motions I’ve gotten. I never thought anything of them because no one else seems to notice them but me. Fast forward to the last few years. They have become far more frequent they are happening many times a day sometimes up to 15 times a day. They don’t last very long the longest I’ve ever noticed it lasting I think is about 30 seconds start to finish. Sometimes they seem to happen in clusters. Like 5 times in a like a an hour or two span. I can see,hear and feel what’s happening but can’t talk or do anything about it. I also get this weird feeling just before they happen. I saw a neurologist for the first time since begin diagnosed as a kid after being refered by a cp specialist. They did a sleep deprived eeg. And an mri. Along with blood work. I go back on Aug 19th for the results. In the mean time. I went back to the cp specialist and he was looking at something the neurologist sent him and he said something about dyskinetic tremors. I’m wondering if anyone else had had a similar experience.

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